We all ask ourselves the question, "How can I live a more successful life?" and it looks like the team at Greater Good Inc has discovered a viable solution to this dilemma. After 200+ hours of interviews, two years of research and thousands of man hours they discovered 7 core values that were shared by the majority of leaders interviewed. The result - a 220 page hardcover book titled The Greater Good: Life Lesson's From Hawai'i's Leaders by Evan and Kari Leong.

The book is comprised of 7 chapters, each representing a core value. The chapters begin with a short introduction to tee up each topic. The Greater Good shares 45 of the most personal, inspiring, and thought-provoking narratives from some of Greater Good's prominent guests. Military leaders include 4 star Admirals (USN ret.) Thomas Fargo and RJ "Zap" Zlatoper, U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, CEO's of major companies like Clint Arnoldus, President and CEO of Central Pacific Bank, native Hawai'ian leader Nainoa Thompson, Fortune 1000 company CEO Constance Lau and roughly 70 other leaders.

Each chapter includes a pleasant surprise. There are inspirational quotes that include childhood pictures of the people in the quotes. This makes these powerful people seem much less intimidating and initiates a deeper connection to the book. It's almost like looking through their family photo albums.

Joe Rice, president and chief executive officer of Mid Pacific Institute, chokes up as he shares how he escaped an abusive childhood and vowed to lead a life far different from his youth.

"My adulthood began with the decision that I would not be a victim anymore, physically and mentally," he says.  "I made sure to relate well with others, to care and nurture those around me and help those in need."

Mayor of the city and county of Honolulu, Mufi Hannemann, says "there is always more to learn, a new idea on the horizon, a different opinion, and a unique perspective to add to the mix".

"The people who have generously shared their unique wisdom, experiences, and thoughts in The Greater Good tell us that learning is a life long journey, and that we should continue to learn from the experience and wisdom of others," he adds.

"Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill," says historian and author, Barbara Tuchman, and this book foregrounds Hawaii's rich resource of people and their history and values, and opens the eyes of the readers to the promising future of the islands.

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