Glenn Sexton has been with Xerox, the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise, for more than 27 years.   Today, Glenn sits as vice president and general manager of Xerox Hawaii.  Under his leadership, this subsidiary has become the most productive Xerox organization with the highest market share in the United States.

Within a 53,000-strong international workforce, Xerox Hawaii functions as a self-sustained unit delivering community-focused values - product technology and services - to local customers.  And despite its multinational background, Xerox Hawaii indeed has a strong sense of aloha.

Glenn's love for the State of Hawaii and his company's unique approach to the market prove to be a potent tandem, making Xerox Hawaii the number one office equipment vendor in the islands.

Starting With The Company
Glenn was a University of Hawaii student working as a parking lot attendant at a building where Xerox resided.  In his day-to-day dealings with Xerox employees, he has come to agnize how great a company Xerox was to work in.  Two years later, he joined the organization at its sales department.

But early on in his employment, Glenn had to overcome a challenge that would have broken his career with Xerox - his shyness.  However, the company's training process proves well for him, bringing out his full potential as a professional.  Although more significantly, it was his motivation to succeed that opened the doors for Glenn.

"To be a professional salesperson in arguably the greatest sales organization going and you're kind of nervous in front of people is very hard to do.  I had to break through that. That was very hard for me.  The Xerox training that I received was a great help but also the experience, and ultimately I got through it and they can't shut me up sometimes."

A Unique Organization in a Unique Market
It has never crossed Glenn's mind to leave Xerox, where he has been working most of his adult life.  From being a sales representative, he has worked his way to the highest rung of the organizational ladder, through what he describes as a "meritocratic" form of professional advancement.

"What I like about Xerox, and I'm sure other organizations have this, it's not about your education necessarily or who you are; it's how you do.  It's the closest thing to a meritocracy that I'm aware of in business, and I think good people thrive in that kind of situation."
"I give the company a lot of credit in that when anyone thinks of a large company (they think of) bureaucracy, rigidity and flexibility," Glenn said.  "But this company has enabled us to really customize our approach to Hawaii."  

"It's unlike any other organization.  In a way we're integrated and self-contained.  In the mainland it's like silos and here it's understood to be a unique market."

With its secluded geographical location, Hawaii can be considered a small country more so than being another state, giving way to Xerox Hawaii's unparalleled approach to the market, which according to Glenn is very hard to duplicate anywhere else.

Xerox Community Involvement Program
Boosted by the organization's Xerox Community Involvement Program, which allows each local operation to customize their approach for charitable ventures in their community, Xerox Hawaii has for years been an active participant in the island non-profit arena.  Glenn took on the role as program coordinator in Hawaii whilst a neophyte Xerox employee.

Xerox Hawaii has been involved with the Boys Scouts, American Heart Association, YWCA, Easter Seals, and a host of other non-profits chosen by employees.

"It was kind of a career move in that we as a company like to look at those kinds of people that take on that responsibility as potentially upward mobile because they take on big responsibilities doing something for something outside of themselves and they're having to manage a project and of course the reward is an obvious one in terms of seeing the benefit to the community," Glenn said.

"In a leadership role, it is very important for us to be connected to the community and that is a key differentiator.  We are an international corporation, but we are a local organization too.  As such, it is my obligation to be involved in local non-profits and I see that as part of my job.  Not only is there benefit to the community, but candidly there are real business pragmatic benefits and our customers want to deal with organizations that are investing in the same community that they live in."

Outside Xerox, Glenn has been involved with non-profits primarily engaged in uplifting the cause of young children particularly the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.  He believes that, as in many communities, Hawaii faces the challenge of providing a brighter future to the next generation.  But with such organizations as the aforementioned, the first step has been taken to open the doors of opportunity for Hawaii's youth.

"By being involved, you actually expand your career because of the people you meet and the things you learn about the community.  It's a tremendous opportunity to learn.  I learned about medical world (through the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific) which is highly complex in the non-profit world so there's so much to learn out there and it keeps you fresh and it keeps you see the bigger picture."

About Xerox Hawaii
Xerox Hawaii has proven to be a responsible vendor in the State of Hawaii for over 40 years. During those years, Xerox Hawaii had grown to become the #1 Office Equipment vendor throughout the State. The company takes great pride that it is the "Vendor of Choice" and is able to provide its customers best-in-class products and services. The Xerox Hawaii operation has a staff of over 200 qualified personnel.

Xerox has been credited to change the global business landscape through its 914 copier released in 1959.  However, albeit lesser known, the company has a number of other innovations in its credentials including the fax machine, laser printer, Ethernet, computer mouse and the first personal computer, the Alto.  

Through the years, Xerox has created a globally recognized brand by shaping the way people live and do business.  And the company furthers this responsibility by grounding a sense of community, touching lives in and outside its corporate walls.  

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