One thing that's giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling is how much potential there is in Hawaii-based companies and entrepreneurs. We spoke with Dr. Patrick Sullivan, founder of Oceanit and President and CEO of Hoana Medical.

Dr. Sullivan got an early start in entrepreneurship out of necessity. With five kids in his family, Dr. Sullivan paid his way through college by starting and running a landscaping business.

After completing his PhD, Dr. Sullivan founded Oceanit which is a self funded tech incubator creating technologies that really make a difference. Once they create breakthrough, marketable technologies; Oceanit spins out the technology into a separate company. This is how Hoana Medical was born in 2002, and Nanopoint in 2005.

Hoana Medical has a product very similar to what was seen in the 'Star Trek' sick bay. The device called Hoana LG1 can monitor a patient's vitals without  cuffs, attachments or probing the patient. In test situations Hoana LG1 has already saved lives.

The LG1 is less than 30 days from FDA approval and Hoana is preparing for an IPO in the very near future.

Oceanit and Hoana have contributed to the community by training over 300 interns and supporting numerous Hawaii organizations.

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