Vicky Cayetano
CEO of United Laundry Services, Inc.
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Vicky Cayetano is president and chief executive officer of United Laundry Services, Inc., which employs more than 300 associates and serves the hospitality and healthcare community through the provision of laundry services. She emigrated from the Philippines to the United States at the age of three and starred with Elvis Presley at the 1962 movie, "It Happened At The World's Fair."

    Vicky deeply personifies female empowerment. Vicky is an accomplished businesswoman, ambassador of multi-ethnicity, and a leading advocate of child protection. As Hawaii's former first lady, she spearheaded many of Hawaii and the nation's programs designed to uplift the standard of living amongst the disadvantaged and the youth.

    In her career, she has received several awards and accolades including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1997, the Girl Scouts of Hawaii Woman of the Year in 2000, and the Boy Scouts of Hawaii Distinguished Citizen of the Year in 2002.

    Vicky Cayetano believes that as a business leader, one needs to be available to his or her employees. To Vicky, providing motivation and inspiration to the workforce is an essential leadership performance that an entrepreneur or corporate officer needs to practice. She fulfills this by being hands on, interacting with both employees and clients, spending more time on the floor than in the office.

    Despite many of Vicky's successes in career and life, she maintains a very fundamental mindset of guardianship and care for others. Vicky is president and CEO of United Laundry Services and managing director of United Laundry Kona, but more importantly, she is a wife and mother of two hopefuls.

    Vicky Cayetano chats with Evan and Kari on this half-hour GGTV interview. Vicky talks about the advantages of coming from a huge family, where she learned at an early age the value of sharing and the social skill sets needed to succeed in the dynamic world of business.
    "I feel very grateful that we're a big family because I think we learned a lot of social skills early on," she said. "We certainly learned about sharing. And when I look at my kids and the luxury they have of having their own bedroom; we never had such a luxury."

    "We would share three bathrooms in our house for a family of nine children, plus my parents, plus my grandma often came and visited with us and she always brought my aunt along because she had bound feet so she couldn't always walk around without assistance," Vicky added.

    Watch this GGTV episode and find out more about Vicky Cayetano, one of Hawaii's leading businesswomen and community leaders and former first lady of the State, as she talks about her career, family and womanhood.

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