Kenton Eldridge
Co-founder and Partner of Sennet Capital
    With much experience to boot, Kenton Eldridge has brought talent and knowledge to Sennet Capital, a merchant bank focused on mid-market and emerging growth companies, where he is partner and co-founder.  Prior to moving to the islands, Kenton has worked for more than two decades in the retail management sector.  Kenton spent 10 years with Federal Department Stores and 15 years with Duty Free Shops (DFS) where he has developed and honed his skills in business management.  His tenure with DFS has brought him to different locations around the globe.

    Kenton actively engages in community giving and vouches for the importance of giving back to the society one way or another.  According to Kenton, he hopes that his partaking in community initiatives would encourage the business community and his personal connections to get involved.  He says that involvement in the community can be enacted in several means, from the indirect way of mentoring business colleagues to the more demonstrable manner of participation in non-profit organizations.  

    "I get more satisfaction I think, at this stage of my life, by giving back to non-profits because I think you can really make a difference.  And I've seen it over time," Kenton says.  "I've been involved with the five non-profits and continue to be actively involved."

    "It's more than just giving money, it's giving of your time, and to help make Hawaii a better place to live."

    In this Greater Good TV interview, Kenton Eldridge shares his experience in Alaska during a natural calamity that prompted him to lay off or put to early retirement half of his subordinates.  This experience has exemplified Kenton's care and concern for the people that he worked with.

    And today, he practices deep involvement in the community as he ventures off along the entrepreneurial path.

    Here more about Kenton Eldridge's life and career story, only on Greater Good Television.

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