Clint Arnoldus
CEO of Central Pacific Bank
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Clint Arnoldus has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, which has brought him across the United States and Europe working for companies such as the Koehring Company, Bank of America, Scandinavian Bank Group, First Interstate Bank of Nevada, and The Bank of New Mexico. And despite his well-established career in the banking industry, no one would have suspected that he is a member of the Swedish delegation in the 1984 Olympic games held in Los Angeles.

    At the helm of one of Hawaii's leading banking firms, Clint lead Central Pacific Bank to be the biggest corporate fundraiser in the 2005 March of Dimes campaign, raising more than $400,000 for charity. Clint is former president of the Nevada Bankers Association, and former member of the Honolulu Symphony, La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls, Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, exemplifying his proclivity in giving back to the community.

    Clint Arnoldus firmly believes that determination and a positive attitude towards one's job and colleagues bring forth success. And this is how he has gone through his day-to-day dealings as a banker, even as he landed the topmost job for Central Pacific Bank.

    "I think if you are always doing a good job, have a great attitude, and looked to do as much to help anybody as you can as you're going along, success will come your way," Clint says.

    "Well it's all about personal relationships and that's what really makes business work," he says. "You've got to have your widget that works and adds value but beyond that its really people trusting you, people having faith in your product, people knowing that you deliver on your promises and that all just comes through the network that you built over time and being able to instill that confidence in everybody that you deal with."

    Evan and Kari bring to KGMB9 Clint Arnoldus, CEO of Central Pacific Bank, in this Greater Good Television exclusive. Watch and find out more as he shares a fruitful life and career in accordance to a simple advice from his parents, "Enjoy the ride."

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