John Dean
Former Bank Executive and Founder of Entrepreneur's Foundation of Hawaii
Bank Turn-Around Specialist

    John Dean stands as a legend in the American banking industry for rescuing several financial institutions on the verge of collapse.  Nicknamed 'bank turn-around specialist', John lead the re-birth of five major baking institutions which included the Bank of Oklahoma in 1980s, which became the most profitable in the State three years after he stepped at the helm of the company.

    His tenure at the Silicon Valley Bank has also significantly improved company portfolio.  In his eight years, assets grew from $935 million to $5.5 billion; employees from 235 to over 1,000; and market capitalization from $63 million to a high of over $3 billion.

    Having been in the industry for more than three decades, he has gathered the right know-how and experience to become a potent financial advisor to top CEOs and companies.

    Today, John Dean is a venture capitalist focusing on tech companies in Silicon Valley and Hawaii.  And he has made good use of his expertise to be of service to young entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

    "Having ran several organizations, there was really an interest by me to see what I can do in terms of helping young entrepreneurs who're in the valley and also those here in Hawaii," John said.  "So that got me involved."

    "I started investing and then before I knew it I was starting a venture fund to do more of it."

    John engages in the non-profit sector as founder of Entrepreneur's Foundation of Hawaii.  He has also started a small venture fund in Silicon Valley more than a year ago.

    To John passion is what sets a great entrepreneur apart from the rest.  He said that the most successful entrepreneurs have blind focus on their objective and commitment to both their business activities and to customers.

    "I think the great entrepreneurs over time are ones that have a commitment not just to the product or to the new market that they are trying to create," John said.  "I think also there's the care, a commitment to the employees."

    "And often I see a commitment to the community in terms of giving back."

    Watch John Dean as he talks about career transitions, the qualities innate of a successful businessperson, and building relationships with employees.  John shares how having one common goal and partaking on common core values can drive a company towards meeting its objectives.

    Greater Good Television brings to you a truly inspiring leader.  Find out more, here on and KGMB9.

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