Shelley Wilson
Founder and President of Wilson Homecare
    At a young age of 21, Shelley Wilson decided to start her business, Wilson Homecare.  She was recognized in 2003 by Pacific Business News as one of Hawaii's 40 Under Forty, and was one of the fastest 50 companies two years in a row.  Her company was also recognized in Forbes Magazine with an outstanding small business award.  She's actively involved with different business community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Healthcare Association of Hawaii to name a few.  And she also provides international support to aid underprivileged children in Africa and Vietnam.

    Shelley Wilson came to Hawaii from the frigid weather of Iowa to ameliorate from an accident incurred from her military duty.  Incapacitated for several years, Shelley was admitted to the Tripler Army Medical Center where she awaited full-recovery.  Her humbling experience with her friends and medical staff during her convalescence galvanized her to stay in Hawaii and put up her own business veered towards care for the sick and injured.

    But the beginning stage of her entrepreneurial endeavor is not without its share of trials and tribulations.  For many years, Shelley worked without pay, getting by through several jobs to keep her business alive.  Thanks to a number of individuals who believed in her mission, Wilson Homecare survived to become one of the State's most outstanding small businesses.

    In this interview, Shelley Wilson talks about relationships and the value of developing and maintaining good rapport with people sharing the same goals and values.

    "There are certain people that show up in your life that believe in what you're doing and they have the same visions, the same passion, or they see it in you and they're willing to help out along the way," she says.

    Find out more about Shelley Wilson's truly inspiring story, only here on Greater Good Radio.

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