Nick Ng Pack
President and Chief Executive Officer of Milici Valenti Ng Pack
    Nick Ng Pack is president and chief executive officer of Hawaii's premier advertising agency, Milici Valenti Ng Pack.  Starting his professional career in New York, Nick was hired in 1979 as account management trainee for BBDO Advertising where he worked on Gillette, Lever Brothers and General Electric.  

    A year later he moved to Hawaii and worked for Milici Valenti.  In less than two years, the company's executives put their trust upon Nick's skills and knowledge to handle the agency's largest account, First Hawaiian Bank.  In 1984, he was promoted to vice president of the organization, with more top-end accounts under his auspices.  

    In recognition of his relationships and contributions to the industry, Nick was voted Advertising Man of the Year in 1993 and received the prestigious American Advertising Federation's Silver Medal Award in 2000.

    Evan and Kari bring to the TV screens an exclusive Greater Good interview with the eloquent and talented, Nick Ng Pack.  Nick shares how he started in the advertising industry and how his travels to Hawaii as a young man have eventually galvanized him to settle permanently in the islands.  He also talks about how he has come to play an important role as member of the Hawaii community and the value he brings to the state as business and community leader.

    All these and more only on Greater Good Television.

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