People should watch Greater Good TV because it's going to be on television and television is a lot more receiver friendly than is just radio.  I listen to your program on Saturday mornings at eight o'clock on 1420 and I find it very, very informative.  We talked about the importance of relationships but there's also an importance in education.  I think it's wonderful to hear stories of people, the folks that I've listened to on your program who are successful people and you can pick up a little bit here, a little tidbit there and put them together and it will improve your own life in a very painless and enjoyable way.  It's a matter of just sitting there and watching a re-run of Friends or watching Greater Good TV.  At the end of a half an hour or hour that you put in to that investment that you make, I can almost guarantee you'll feel better about yourself having said I've learned something.  One of my biggest challenges is when I go to bed every night, I'm an old guy, I still say my prayers, thank god for letting me have the day, just like I thank him for letting me have another one when I wake up in the morning.  But I also, before I do that, I try to think, how I made myself better today?  And one of my goals is I never want to go to bed without making myself better, which means sometimes, I have to turn the light back on and read part of a book that I always have at my side.  I just say, "Okay, I've learned something."  But everyday you go to bed, you want to feel that you've made the world a better place or you're a better person of yourself.  Now I think if you watch Greater Good TV, you could probably check that block for the day.

Admiral Zlatoper - Former Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Pacific Command, Member of the Board of Trustees of The Estate of James Campbell

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