The audience get a glimpse of people who have already succeeded or are on their way there.  Because knowing about others, I think it makes you learn about your community.  Who is making decisions on behalf of the communities?  Because all the people that you're asking to come on this show, they're not only impacting their own business, but they're impacting the community in a positive way, so I think that's why people should tune in.  The second reason why they should tune in is just the questions you're asking.  There are so many different points of view and being able to listen to others and trying to decide which way one might want to pursue their lives is something that's helpful.  It's about being motivated and, you know, we talked about having motivational tapes to encourage us every once in a while, having something as empowering as this.

Christine Camp Friedman - Founder of Avalon Development Company

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