There are so many reasons why people should watch Greater Good TV.  One is that the two of you have a way of getting people to talk about things that they would never on TV talk about.  And it's great, it really gives I think your audience opportunity to get to know your guest in a way, unless they're personal friends of your guest, wouldn't ever see them.  And I think that that is just really a service to the community.  I think as you view all of these interviews, they're great lessons in leadership and they're great lessons on value.  And you can see the various paths people have used to find success.  And the various definitions people have of success.  And if you can just take little snippets here and there, you really learn a lot.  This is like sort of fun MBA to be able to watch this program and congratulations for from a concept to radio to television and in what, twelve months?  That's pretty phenomenal so it's also a way for your audience to know two pretty accomplished entrepreneurs.  It's pretty amazing for your age what you have accomplished.

Clint Arnoldus - Vice-chairman and CEO of Central Pacific Bank

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