You guys have access to a network of individuals who otherwise wouldn't necessarily give interviews.  That's one big plus.  It's just really the next level kind of conversations, which I don't think a lot of us have access to.  And you do it on a wide scale.  You don't just do it from an academic level or a legislative level or just a business, young entrepreneurial level.  Do it across a variety of different multi-disciplines and that is in itself very unique.  I also like the fact it is targeted specifically to Hawaii because when you listen to business shows from around the world, we all have different issues.  I'm in San Jose.  We have different issues down there than we have here.  And when you listen to someone who is from Hawaii, did it big from Hawaii, maybe went multi-national, it means a lot more than someone who has theory about it but never did it, or maybe did it big in another location, made a little branch in Hawaii.

Darren Kimura - President and CEO of Energy Industries, LLC and Energy Smart News

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