It seems to me that the work you're doing has enormous value, and your ideas about social responsibility and about building that into the workings of business and not waiting until you become wealthy and then you become a philanthropist or something, I think you're thinking in exactly the right terms. And I think all people need to look at what they can do to be socially responsible, and the opportunities that exist in their everyday life. And you've gone beyond that, obviously, you've created very real opportunity by these radio broadcasts and what you're trying to achieve with them. But there are many opportunies if people will simply recognize them.
I think they'll learn an immense amount and they'll also find many of the interviews, and I've listened to a lot of them now, they'll find many of the interviews very interesting and entertaining, but they'll learn from them as well.
It's part of being socially responsible, I think. It's part of trying to give something to the community. And I think that rebounds to everyone's benefit, and if younger entrepreneurs and businesspeople can learn from this, that's great.

Darryl Mleynek - State Director of Hawaii SBDC Network

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