You're very passionate about this program, I can tell.  And what I see in your is what I want to see more of in people in the community.  So many times I run into folks who just seem to do something because it's a job.  Or they're getting paid.  And with you I could tell, this is something you're interested in, you've had great guests on the show, and I wanted to add my name to the list of folks you've had here and I wanted you to know that no matter how busy I am as Mayor, that I take seriously invitations from all people, and especially from people like yourself and Kari, that obviously put a lot of time into this, preparation, and you want to do a good job, so I want to help you do a good job.
I think they should listen to this type of programming because you are really allowing your guests to share their life experiences and I think that everybody is different. Everyone has different philosophies and strategies, and if people want to learn about how other folks have done it and  be able to draw on those experiences, so be it.  To me, this is better than going on the internet or borrowing a book from a library and reading what so and so has done.  I mean you get to listen very clearly what someone is saying and then hopefully try to employ that aspect.  I always say too, "Don't only learn from my successes.  Learn from my failures.  Don't only learn from my strengths.  Learn from my weaknesses."  Like our tourism industry, I always tell folks that come in and they go, "We want to develop our tourism industry just like Hawaii."  I say, "You know what, there's a also a way not to do it.  And there's some mistakes we have made.  So learn from our successes as well as our failures.  I think that's what life is all about.  You have to cope with situations.  You have recognize as I said earlier, not every day is going to be sunny.  There's going to be some rainy days, but if you're optimistic enough, if your attitude is positive, you'll make your way through and some how you'll come through it.

Mufi Hannemann - Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu

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