This conversation today is honestly been super refreshing compared to some business shows that I've done where it's all focused on making money; it's all focused on succeeding; almost at all cost where clearly just the concept and the questions that are brought up here is much more about human beings and about how we can become a better society and better people even in a business context.

Brett Brewer - Founder of Myspace.com

This program is a bridge. After I got to know who was on it and I looked at the website and whatnot, it was all the guys I knew. It was kind of interesting that I had only heard it from Dick but almost everybody that's been on it, I've known for a long time. It creates its own network. I like it because it forms a bridge to the younger people. I don't know where my company would be if it didn't have the younger people, too. I think a lot of people are struggling with that.

Bill Chee - President and CEO of Prudential Locations, LLC

Everybody is busy in life but this is something like helping a non-profit organization, you should be able to spend an hour, and hour and a half or two and tell your story of how your business went and encourage young entrepreneurs to go for it.  This station has no monetary value for themselves, they're doing this just to help the young kids and the young people not only in Hawaii but throughout the US and I think it's worthwhile of course.

Bert Kobayashi - Chairman of The Kobayashi Group

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