I think listening to Greater Good Radio is great because you've got so many different guests with so many different points of view and I think it's wonderful how you ask questions and just try to get secrets of their success. I know early on in my career I'd go around to various people in office in businesses and I would say if you could give one secret or one idea for success what would that be? And I was asking people 20, 30, 40, 50 years older than I was.

Steven Ai - President and CEO of City Mill

I read a little about what you guys are doing and looking to see, I guess, community involvement and tie that with the business community and I think that that's key.  We're in Hawaii you know, for years now people talk about the economy not being as strong here or young people not being able to move home and if you're living here, working in Hawaii in such a beautiful place, I think there has to be a connection between business and community involvement and I guess more than anywhere we all stick together and make it a great place for ourselves and the next generation.  

Chris Eldridge - Founder of America's Mattress

It's wonderful the series that you're doing right now, to interview today's present day leaders and really allow us to have the opportunity to maybe pass on some words of advice, maybe even words of wisdom about how you can make a contribution in your lives.  And that's really important and I think that it's wonderful that Greater Good Radio is trying to spread that word.

Connie Lau - Chairman and CEO of Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.

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