There are so many reasons why people should watch Greater Good TV.  One is that the two of you have a way of getting people to talk about things that they would never on TV talk about.  And it's great, it really gives I think your audience opportunity to get to know your guest in a way, unless they're personal friends of your guest, wouldn't ever see them.  And I think that that is just really a service to the community.  

Clint Arnoldus - Vice-chairman and CEO of Central Pacific Bank

You guys have access to a network of individuals who otherwise wouldn't necessarily give interviews.  That's one big plus.  It's just really the next level kind of conversations, which I don't think a lot of us have access to.  And you do it on a wide scale.  You don't just do it from an academic level or a legislative level or just a business, young entrepreneurial level.  Do it across a variety of different multi-disciplines and that is in itself very unique.  

Darren Kimura - President and CEO of Energy Industries, LLC and Energy Smart News

I think people need to repetitively hear about successes, about giving back to the community, about being part of the community and I think your show helps to solidify that idea and I don't know of any other show that does. So I think they can learn some things here, I don't know if they learned anything from me, probably not. But the people that you have had they could learn something from. And at the same time they can maybe broaden their views so that they're not just thinking about day-to-day stuff.

Barry Weinman - Co-founder of Allegis Capital, Dragon Bridge Capital and HiBEAM

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