It seems to me that the work you're doing has enormous value, and your ideas about social responsibility and about building that into the workings of business and not waiting until you become wealthy and then you become a philanthropist or something, I think you're thinking in exactly the right terms. And I think all people need to look at what they can do to be socially responsible, and the opportunities that exist in their everyday life.

Darryl Mleynek - State Director of Hawaii SBDC Network

The audience get a glimpse of people who have already succeeded or are on their way there.  Because knowing about others, I think it makes you learn about your community.  Who is making decisions on behalf of the communities?  Because all the people that you're asking to come on this show, they're not only impacting their own business, but they're impacting the community in a positive way, so I think that's why people should tune in.  

Christine Camp Friedman - Founder of Avalon Development Company

I think what you guys are doing is so important because you are really helping to shape the next generation of leadership. You know, we have a lot of really smart people and very dedicated people running Hawaii. But they're in their, like me, in their 40s or 50s or 60s or older. And although we continue to play an important role, it's time to start bringing along the next generation of leadership in Hawaii that's going to take us to the next level.

Joan Bennet - President and CEO of Bennet Group Strategic Communications

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